Meet the Staff of Everest Motors Inc.

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Luis Romero - Marketing and Advertisement Manager

3462133502 - Luis@everestmotorsinc.com

Hello, my name is Luis and I am the marketing manager at Everest Motors. I have a deep understanding of what drives customers to make purchasing decisions, and I use that knowledge to create effective listings that speak directly to our target audience. As a Spanish speaker, I am honored to serve Spanish-speaking customers and provide them with exceptional service. I have been working in the automotive industry for several years, gaining valuable experience and developing a passion for helping customers find the perfect car that fits their needs and budget. I look forward to meeting you and providing you with an exceptional buying experience at our dealership.

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Andy Walters - Customer Relations

713-898-8432 - Andy@everestmotorsinc.com

 I’m honored to have served our country as a Flight Medic in the United States Air Force.  I’ve found my passion in the car industry for the past 20 plus years.  Customer loyalty and satisfaction is my primary mission.  Give me a call as I’m here to make your car buying experience positive and hassle free. 

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Alex Saniei - Sales and Finance

(832) 691-7542 - Alex@everestmotorsinc.com

I am an optimistic and enthusiastic sales professional with over 10 years of experience in vehicle sales and finance industry. I am skilled to help every client with their unique needs and committed to helping them choose the best and most suitable vehicle. Throughout my career, I have earned the trust and maintained strong client relationships that generate repeat business. I attributes my success to my ability to listen to customers and put their needs first. my goal is to provide you the best car buying experience. #expectagreatdealA

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Brad Esmaeili - Sales and Finance Manager

281-216-7546 - Trucksales2@everestmotorsinc.com


My name is Brad, and I am in charge of sales and finance at Everest Motors. I joined Everest Motors team when I moved to Houston on March 2017 after earning my MBA from National University in San Diego California. Prior to that I was working as an Industrial engineer in auto manufacturing industry.

The most joyful part of my job is being able to put a genuine smile on every customer’s face after finding the perfect vehicle for them. We have a great line of quality inventory and work with all the major banks. I am able to locate the best vehicle and line up the best financing option for you.

I look forward to meeting you on your next visit to our store.

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Shervin Azizeddin - Finance Manager

832-329-5277 - Finance@everestmotorsinc.com

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Nima Nikouei - Store Buyer

281-827-8636 - Sales@everestmotorsinc.com


I started my carrier at the age of 18 when I joined US Motor Cars back in 1998. I worked alongside some of the best and most experienced people in the car industry. I grew to have special interest in buying and selling Heavy-Medium Duty Diesel Trucks. I joined DN Motor Cars and later Everest Motors, Inc where I felt I will be most productive. I consider myself super picky when it comes to shop for inventory. I enjoy having access to the most up to date tools and data available in the business. I am very familiar with the entire inventory here at Everest Motors and so if you have any technical questions don't be afraid to contact me directly.

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Mansoor Arian - Store Administrator

8323065215 - Office@everestmotorsinc.com


My name is Mansoor and I am in charge of overlooking Everest Motor’s entire transactions. I make sure that our customers experience a very smooth and hassle free transaction. I joined Everest Motors family back in 2015. I am very passionate about my job and do the very best I can to exceed our customer’s expectations.

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Sean Fanaeeyan - Marketing Team Member

832-518-7307 - Sean@everestmotorsinc.com

Thank you for visiting us online. My name is sean and my job is to present the best of Everest Motors to you. We utilize the most up to date technology to reach all the customers in the market. Our listings are simple, informative and transparent. Feel free to contact me with any request or question about our listings and inventory I will be more than happy to assist you in any way I can. 

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Arman Abrarpour - Store Manager

281-961-6857 - Arman@everestmotorsinc.com


I have been in the industry since 2004. I firmly believe every transaction has to benefit both buyer and seller. My goal is to make the car deal smooth, straight forward and hassle free. Expect a great deal and don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.